Kyles Consulting

SBS and MAC consulting firm in Wisconsin.



On Time

We bill and submit monthly claims for reimbursement on a timely basis allowing for needed reimbursement to your district monthly, on a set schedule. You will always know when a payment will be issued and what the reimbursement was for. All payments are tracked and logged for future reference and financial audits. We hold high standards for our medical billing processes and reimbursement procedures to guarantee maximum reimbursement is received. You'll receive needed reports and IEP ratios at the end of the school year.



Being in business and working with the SBS and MAC program for over 20 years, we have built a solid reputation of being accountable and knowledgeable. Offering you access to a state of the art computer system which allows staff to run reports and is easy to use for busy professional staff. We'll share our knowledge with you and help you administrate the programs to minimize or eliminate the hassles and frustrations making these programs easier to administrate and understand. We work with you so you don't need to go at it alone and eliminate the guesswork. We pride ourselves on customer service, knowledge, and accountability.



Our goal is to increase your revenue and decrease the amount of time you and your staff needs to spend on the SBS and MAC programs. We offer support with Staff Pool List, Cost Reports, Eligibility, Random Moment Time Studies, work with bus company to track routes and transportation ratios, assist with audits, training, and we keep you up to date and informed with upcoming changes.


Bonnie Willems

Account Specialist

Michelle Kyles


Tina Brazeau

Business Relations Manager

Shelbey Jensen

Data Entry / Clerical



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